Our thoughts on hosting with Lyrical Host, From Features  to an Interview with the Co-Founder, Jenny Brown

Our thoughts on hosting with Lyrical Host, From Features to an Interview with the Co-Founder, Jenny Brown

What is Lyrical host?

Lyrical host is the house you’d never thought you’d be able to rent. All the ones you’ve ever found were too expensive, or let you pay only yearly. On lyrical you can pay every month, or 6, or every year. They include you no matter What. If you are a blogger with a disability, they do their best and make things accessible. If you have questions, they take minutes or hours from their free time and help you. If you’re lost, you can ask anything in their Facebook group and someone will help. How many hosting sites offer free resources every month? None, but Lyrical host does. To them, you’re not just another person who will pay. You’re family.

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Lyrical Host is a new web hosting company. They pride themselves on
transparent pricing and honest services with no hidden costs. They offer affordable premium
managed hosting
and Their mission is to make blogging and website ownership easy, so you can spend more time focusing on what’s important for you.

They migrate your website and email for free, even from WordPress.com and Blogger. This is very useful if, like me, you have no idea how to move from Blogger or WordPress.com and you don’t want or can’t pay an extra fee to have your site moved.

Lyrical Host specializes in hosting for bloggers, So they can answer your questions on Plugins, tools, Structuring your site, and even things like content marketing and SEO.

You see the Lyrical Host Logo. The word Lyrical is written in a looping cursive font, and Host is in small caps underneath.


All hosting plans include the features and services you require. They don’t add things you don’t need only to sound good or to gain more money.

Here’s what you will get if you sign up for Lyrical Host.

  • Hosting optimized for WordPress that comes preinstalled along with Lyrical host’s bespoke caching plugin for even better page speeds
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • A support team headed by WordPress developers
  • Integrated speed and security features
  • On-demand malware scanning and clean up
  • SSL certificates
  • Email addresses
  • Automatic daily backups
  • and one-to-one support.

Yay for one to one support! If you’re like me, you’ll have questions, you will make mistakes, and well, if your boyfriend or friend isn’t awake to fix what you messed up, you will need help.

Lyrical Host is there for you beyond web hosting too. They can set up Google Analytics or install your Facebook Pixel if you want to use it at no extra cost. They don’t tell you to hire a developer if you have a
WordPress problem, they help you no matter what.

Hold on, What is The facebook pixel?
Don’t worry, I was lost too when I heard about it, so I looked online to figure out what it was.
Find out more about the facebook pixel here

You make a difference.

If You decide to host your site on Lyrical host, You will help the planet and other people.
No, I am not joking.
Each Month, Some of your hosting payment goes to non-profits and charitables all over the world. Some of them are children’s education in Mozambique, and mental health help for people across Africa and Asia.

You see A silver birch in a forest.

It gets even better!
Every year on your Lyrical Host anniversary They plant five trees in developing countries to help create sustainable forest gardens for farmers.
To me, this sounds beautiful

You care about your blog. They do too!

Let’s be honest. The big hosting companies care. But they don’t get to know you personally. They can’t. Not because they don’t want, maybe they do, but… they don’t have the time. What I want to say is that on lyrical host you are part of a big family.
They get to know you and your story, they are there for you when you need assistance, they share your content on Twitter, they offer free one to one help sessions on Messenger…
They care.

My personal experience

I heard about Lyrical host on Facebook in a group. I wasn’t looking for other hosting services, but the name sounded pleasant so I googled it and found their site.
The features and the friendly sounding blog posts attracted me so I reached out to the Co Founder, Jenny Brown and asked her about Lyrical Host, their Accessibility and so on.

She was very open and kind, giving me detailed answers and when I pointed out some things that weren’t exactly blind friendly on the site she reacted instantly and promised that they will work to make them accessible. And they did, No false promises!

I joined their Facebook group and after spending some time there with all the amazing people and their support and warmth, I decided to switch after talking to my boyfriend about it.

So here we are. Ourblindlife will move to Lyrical Host in November Because I like the community, the features, and I love helping our planet and other people.
We will announce when this happens on our Facebook page.

Hosting Plans

I will show you how their Tiny plan looks, and I will give you the price and number of websites you can have on their other plans.

  • TINY
  • $11.99 Monthly,
    Host one WordPress website,
    20GB SSD Web Space,
    25,000 monthly visits,
    Six mailboxes, 10GB each,
    Free SSL Certificate,
    5 Exclusive Stock Photos each month,
    Mystery Goodies
    And Free website migration.

  • $19.99 monthly,
    You can host 3 websites.

  • Boss
  • $29.99 every month,
    You can host up to 22 websites.

Interview With Jenny brown about Lyrical Host:

Some people say that their sites are slow on Lyrical Host, so I decided to ask the co founder, Jenny, some questions.

Hello Jenny, thank you for taking some time to answer our questions!

How easy is to switch from, let’s say, Site Ground to Lyrical Host? Is migration free?

We do free migrations with any hosting plan, and that includes sorting out domain names, transferring email and email accounts, and doing full malware scanning and cleaning. This ensures a fresh start and also helps to protect our existing customers.
It’s very easy to initiate – simply read through our page about the process and then book in your migration.

Lyrical Host is still a child in the hosting industry. Are you committed to keep it up for a long time? Can people trust that if they embark in this hosting journey with you you will not let them down?

We’ve been dedicated to Lyrical Host for 18 months now, and to be honest there are many more advantages to hosting with a newer company. We have better, more modern hardware and faster, more secure platforms that not only perform better but are easier for staff to maintain and update. We can work much more efficiently because there aren’t layers of management or sales staff, and with no board of directors or investors to report to, we make decisions that are best for customers rather than lining the pockets of the people at the top. We never upsell, increase prices on renewal, tell customers they need products they don’t, or sell junk services. Everything we do is based on decades of industry knowledge, both in web hosting and blogging.
All our customers know that we live and breathe their websites more than any corporation could or would. We love that we know everyone by name and have genuine friendships with them.

What about the security? How safe are the sites hosted on your servers?

Out of the box they are extremely secure. We operate to the highest standards of server-level security, plus we have integrated features for websites to protect against things like brute force login attempts. We provide plenty of information for customers on best practice security and encourage their use of two factor authentication.

We have also deliberately chosen a state-of-the-art highly secure data centre on the outskirts of a small UK city, which means that unlike some big hosts in major cities or in more unstable areas, it’s not at risk of being a physical target either by people or geographical issues such as earthquakes or hurricanes, yet is well-positioned to serve customers all around the world.

What plugins can people uninstall once they switch to you? Are there things that you offer them without any plugin needed?

It’s up to the individual, but typically we recommend they uninstall any caching plugins because we have our own caching that’s fully optimized for our platforms. Many people uninstall their backup plugins too because we do backups every 24 hours and they can download a full backup of all their websites and databases in a click directly from their control panel.

In some groups on Facebook there are people who would like to migrate to Lyrical, but some sites seem slow. What can you tell us about this? Are the sites on Lyrical slower than on other hosts? Is the speed on Lyrical comparable to the big hosting sites?

Unfortunately web hosting is such a competitive industry that there are lots of smaller competitors and those with a vested interest that spread rumours as soon as they see people talking positively about a hosting company. Often they deliberately hijack and manipulate conversations, and misinformation spreads quickly. We have customers with complete, real-world WordPress setups with dozens of plugins and plenty of high-quality images whose sites load in just over a second because they’re careful about optimization and website maintenance.

Out of the box, all WordPress setups and websites hosted with us are super fast. We use very high-end hardware including Samsung SSD drives, run a fully optimized WordPress platform with integrated caching, and we don’t oversell servers.

All websites hosted anywhere get slower as more plugins, scripts, and images are added to them, and over time databases grow. We don’t have any control over what customers do with their websites – that’s completely up to them – which is why visiting random websites isn’t an accurate way to see how good a hosting platform is. We always encourage anyone with concerns to contact us anytime for a free trial (we’re more than happy for people to run their own speed tests; in fact we welcome them).

But if our customers are concerned about site speed, they can always raise a ticket with our developer-grade support team and we will review their website specifically and make improvements, which goes far beyond other hosts who will most likely tell them to hire a developer, or throw them a couple of links.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, we appreciate!

Why do I write all of this when I’m not hosted on Lyrical?

My current hosting company is Site Ground, an amazing hosting company.
So why I’m so excited about Lyrical? why I want to switch to them in November? Because I like the features, monthly pictures, the community and the staff.

I have nothing against Site Ground, their support is great and my site was never down, but I can pay only yearly and their $2.95 per month plan is available only for the first year, or 3, depending how You decide to pay, but
on lyrical I can pay monthly, every 6 months, or once per year.

True, I will not be hosted anymore with the best company from the industry, but I believe that lyrical has the potential to become a kingdom in itself.

Want to join Lyrical? Use our code to get 10% discount of your first plan

If you want to choose Lyrical, You can use our discount code to receive 10% off of Your First Plan.

Thank you for taking the time to read, we appreciate!
In the end, No matter what you decide to do, I hope that you will find the perfect hosting site!


The Information, prices, pictures and infographic are from Lyrical Host, Posted with permission.
Thank you!
With this opportunity, I want to thank Jenny, the Lyrical team, and all the amazing people I met on the Facebook group. You all are amazing.
Hugs and thanks go to all my readers too. I appreciate that you took the time to open this page!

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