How I Lost My Brother Before I Even Met Him.

There are so many feelings when You lose a child or loved one.

It is your pain and loss, the pain of your family, the dreams that will never come true…
The fear, despair, sadness and finally acceptance mixed with the silent questions “What if?” “How would have been if?”

Deep in your soul You know that a piece of your heart was taken away and will never return.

This is My personal story.

I did not lose my child, but I lost my brother.

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From no blog to here: Our story

Thank you for visiting our blind life. You are wondering who we are and what can we offer you, right? Let’s not keep you waiting, then.

We are Kevin and Diana.
People like you, with dreams, struggles, and a desire to help others.
Different, But so similar. We are human, we have blood running through our veins, like you. At the same time, our dreams, feelings and experiences aren’t like yours.

Maybe you’re wondering. Why are we here? Why did we create a blog? There are lots already.
That’s true. There are so many. From fashion, to pet care. From cooking advices, to blogs about how to write a book.
And all of them help someone.

What we want is To help, To be here for you when you need us, to give advices to the best of our abilities.

Both of us are blind, and We receive lots of questions from people who meet us for the first time, even from people who know us since forever, so we decided that something needed to be done.
People had questions. We had the answers.

Wanting to share our experience about blind people and their life, we learned all we could about blogging.

“How scary is it? Can I survive if I’m blind? I will need to have a sighted person with me all the time? Can I have a normal life?

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