Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, book review. a story that shatters barriers

You see a picture with the quote: "You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see", The eyes close and the image fades into a beating heart. The second part of the quote says. "but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel."

Title: Forbidden
Author: Tabitha Suzuma.
Genre: YA. We recommend it to people over 17.
Paperback: 464 pages.
Published for the first time In UK.
This book can be read in the following languages: English UK and US, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, Greek,, Thai, Hungarian and Slovakian.

“But – but we’re not supposed to do this – to love each other like this!”

I don’t even know how to start this review. There are so many feelings, questions, thoughts…
Forbidden is a really well written book about an Impossible love, parental neglect, friendship, family… but it’s dark. There’s no false hope that it will end well.

Tabitha Suzuma made me love the main characters, the kids, the setting, the plot… Then it shattered my heart.
How can you fix a broken heart?
You can’t.

This book Isn’t for everyone, and I think that the best age for readers is 17-18. I don’t say that teens can’t read it, they are Amazing, bright, smart… but it takes a lot of mental strength and acceptance to read Forbidden. Why?
Because this book is about a taboo subject.

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Our thoughts on hosting with Lyrical Host, From Features to an Interview with the Co-Founder, Jenny Brown

6 Reasons to choose Lyrical Host Infographic. Why is lyrical Host a wonderful option? Affordable, friendly people... let's not forget the monthly free resources. Find out more in this post!

What is Lyrical host?

Lyrical host is the house you’d never thought you’d be able to rent. All the ones you’ve ever found were too expensive, or let you pay only yearly. On lyrical you can pay every month, or 6, or every year. They include you no matter What. If you are a blogger with a disability, they do their best and make things accessible. If you have questions, they take minutes or hours from their free time and help you. If you’re lost, you can ask anything in their Facebook group and someone will help. How many hosting sites offer free resources every month? None, but Lyrical host does. To them, you’re not just another person who will pay. You’re family.

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Book review: The Treemakers By Christina L. Rozelle

In the picture You see a twisted metal tree with chains swinging from it. Behind it is a vast wasteland, and at the bottom, there's the tagline: "Lured by freedom, fueled by love." The title is The Treemakers.

Title: The Treemakers.
Author: Christina L. Rozelle.
Genre: YA dystopian Sci-Fi.
Publisher: A Spark in the Dark press.
Publication date: December 3, 2014.

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“Sometimes in life, there’s sadness. But it doesn’t take away from the love, and the joy, and the beauty, and the friendship that remains.”

Christina L. Rozelle.

If you want to read a book in one sitting, this is it.
An authentic story about Family, tragedy, adventure, love, hope, perseverance, self-discovery and friendship.

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Our favorite site for nature sounds. How to calm your mind and relax on the internet

Closeup of a waterfall. The water rushing over the rocks looks white and misty, and The rocks are rich with green moss

This will be a short post, But I am very excited to write it!
I had no idea that I will write something today.
I needed to relax and give my head time to heal after an accident before getting back into blogging. All I wanted to do was to drink my coffee. And seriously, that was my plan, until I decided that I needed some nature sounds in the background while reading a book.

I wanted river sounds, birds, wind, waves…
Most sites got on my nerves.
Some weren’t exactly accessible to blind people, and others … Well, their sounds weren’t what I needed.

I almost gave up when I found the perfect site. It’s so good that I needed to write about it!
I am sure that You know the feeling.
You search for hours, but You don’t find it. True You find good sites, but nothing that calls your name.
In the end, You tell yourself that you will try one more time and if you don’t find what you need, you will ask your friends if they can recommend something.

I am stubborn, so of course I tried one more time, and found exactly what I needed!
And guess what?
On this site, We have the best of both worlds!

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